2 thoughts on “Tipping Servers $200

  1. I was left a 50.00 tip once. I have been in the serving business for many years and well with my mother owning her own restaurant you just can’t say no when they ask you to work. lol I had gone to work once not feeling very good, tired, and just didn’t want to be there.
    We had this little old man that would come in from time to time and he was the best. You know the type of customer that would make you smile, and he would call you sweet pea, and say “if it isn’t too much trouble” “thank you” you just had to love him.
    He came in this day that I was feeling not so much like serving, but I did my best to be polite cause I knew it wasn’t his fault I felt like I did. I took his order and ofcourse I got all the usual sayings. After he had finished his meal I took him his bill and filled his coffee cup up once more and went back to my seat to rest.
    As he was leaving that day he once again said “see you tomorrow SweetPea, you just stay as sweet as you are and everyone will love you.” and out the door he went. He always made me smile. I went over to clean up his table and there under his cup was a fifty. I ran out the door to let him know that he had left a fifty (you know thinking he had accidently left it, not seeing too well and all) and when I got to him and showed him what he had done he just smiled and said. It is yours sweetpea, you just looked like you needed it today and well I don’t have nothting I need it for so it is yours.” He closed my hand on the money and patted it and got in the taxi.
    That made my entire day and I danced around the restaurant taking orders and playing the jukebox. Just thought I would share one of my days in the world of work with you.

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