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money doesn’t really grow on trees apparently

So I’m back from my first graveyard shift as a stocker for the Dollar Tree. Not the most glamorous job ever, but it’s a job nonetheless.

As I mentioned in my prior post (which was at lunch break), I did enjoy emptying the trailer. It involved a lot of lifting, and as I very much enjoy the sport/exercise of weight lifting, I found that portion of the job a lot of fun.

It was mostly light loads – This is the Dollar Tree after all, and the majority of their warez are small. The heaviest loads were the boxes of bottled water that held six gallons total. I compared building those walls of water to the Strongman game of stone lifting-Except of course the boxed water was approximately 50 pounds (the weight of the small stone) versus the 340 pounds of the biggest stone.

Stocking the shelves with products was a bit of a bore. Was also a tad frustrating as it was my first night on the job and I am unfamiliar with the products. I imagine over time, the repetition will kick in the familiarity.

I do have one comment. I think the logistics could be tightened up a bit. I noticed just about all the products coming down the rollers from the truck were very random. There were half a dozen of us stockers just picking up random products off the line and running them down to stack on the appropriate palettes. I think if the truck was initially organized by sections, the flow would be more efficient.

Another small gripe is that I found I’m only working two nights this week of the usual four. At a whopping $8/hr and with six hour part time shifts, two nights really isn’t going to get me much at all.

That said, at this point I am grateful to even have work. I’ll touch up on my horrible money situation at a later date. For now, I’m heading to the gym. I am a bit exhausted from work, sure, but taking care of my body is just as important to me as trying to make something of a living.

The sun is shining in South San Francisco. Probably hit the high 70s later. Here in the peninsula that’s actually considered a scorcher.