no sale

This past week my phone was suddenly chiming with numerous eBay sales alerts. It turns out I sold twenty-four items in the span of perhaps ten minutes.

While that would normally be outstanding, I’m sorry to report that I have but one single item for sale on my account – And it wasn’t a lot of limited edition Star Wars toys that go for thousands of dollars.

Somehow my eBay account was hacked.

I immediately went into my account overview and found I couldn’t get in via web browser, nor the phone App. Upon checking my e-mail, I noticed a password change to my eBay account (that I didn’t initiate) had gone through.

The joker, whomever it is, got in, changed my password, and proceeded to make a lot of listings under my handle.

Went back to the eBay site, and after a really unnecessary search, I found their support phone number. Thankfully the helpline operates until 10pm PST. My phone was still chiming sales as I spoke to the tech and reported what was happening.

After I ID’d myself, she saw what was happening, and put a stop to it right away – Including macro-mailing all the sales winners and explaining what was happening. I was put on hold several times with short perhaps two minute intervals.

After everything was fixed on her end, she then aided me on recovering my account, including password changes, sales history verification etc. It was fairly painless.

I spent the next half hour or so changing passwords on … well, everything. I have no idea how someone hacked my account, but it spooked me for sure. It reminded me to take internet security more seriously. This could have ended very very badly.

“Cheers!” to eBay for their swift action in halting the false listings and sales and for recovering my account.


I think need a vacation from everything and everyone. Haven’t had any real alone time, let alone social building time in what feels like years. And my body continues to ache daily from working at Green Hell, even on days off.

I’ve lately found it difficult to asleep. Have gone back to using Niquil. And I dread having to wake knowing the next day will full of pain and exhaustion for bread crumbs in wages. Sigh… What’s wrong with me? Plenty.


omega card reading

My cousin Melanie Omega (Connor) has recently started a business in card readings. I am very proud of her as it seems she has found her calling in life.

Universal Cards – “which incorporates aspects of classic Tarot and Animal Medicine cards.”

To be honest, I’m skeptical of such things. However she has done several of these readings for me over the last couple of years, and I can’t help but be intrigued by how closely the results reflect me.

This is the most recent reading.

“I drew four cards for you to process where you are at this point in your journey.  the first two cards each represent a strength, the third card represents something working against you, and the fourth is an overlooked advantaged.

strength:  The Moon/Frog
    Pay attention to your own intuition at this time.  There may be instances of insincerity by others; remember this world is an illusion and many people in it are hiding their true intentions.  Trust yourself, listen to your dreams, honor your feelings.  Frog represents cleansing and urges to express our feelings.  Tears, for example, cleanse the soul.  Take time out to be alone with yourself, and allow yourself to refill your energy.  Let clear energy replace the mud cluttering your thoughts or feelings.  Rid yourself of any place, person, or thing that is muddying your waters.

strength:  The Star/Lizard
    The Star card carries feelings of renewed faith and hope; it is a card of dreams and fantasy.  Go ahead and entertain thoughts of financial security, balance in relationships, and control of your life. Lizard is the dreamer and often imagines circumstances before allowing them to manifest in this reality.  Remember it is up to you to choose what reality you want to live in.  You are a co-creator of your past, present, and future; it is never too late to be your authentic self.

working against you:  The World/Spider
      The World signifies the completion of your journey and true happiness, security with who you are, knowledge of where you’ve been, confidence in where you are going. Spider is about being an infinite soul, and also represents language. So your message from this is you will feel fulfilled, you will find peace and serenity and also have the ability to communicate clearly.  This also denotes the recognition that you are creating your reality, and allows you the freedom to use the power of weaving to manifest your true desires.

unseen blessing:  The Sun/Dolphin
    The Sun represents the rewards reaped at the end of a journey, Dolphin reminds you to pay attention to your body rhythms and breath.  Your journey is coming full-circle, and you need to be prepared to start over on a new journey.  Remember that which you have learned, and RELAX! You’ve already dealt with the most difficult parts.
i hope you can see the correlations between all the readings i’ve done for you and my suggestions for manifesting happiness.  thoughts become things.  let your thoughts be positive; you fucking deserve it.”

Yes. Perhaps I do.


ports and doubts

“Our doubts are traitors,

and make us lose the good we oft might win,

by fearing to attempt.”

-William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

I read that quote while looking through the Rockport Institute site suggested by a close friend who is also considering using it.

Rockport is a career path service – Through personal counseling and series of tests they are supposed to help you figure out the right type of career for you. Apparently it’s used all classes and ages-For those who are trying to get it together, and/or for those who may be comfortable, but lack fulfillment from their current career.

I am in another transition in life. The landlords in Fairfax decided (fairly) to not renew our contract in renting their basement in favor of their relatives. They did give us ample time to move. No ill will towards them at all.

Now mother and I are living in Burke, Virginia down the road from Fairfax along with my sister and her husband/brother-in-law. Mother, who is now in far better condition is welcome to stay with them. I am also welcome for the time being, but am paying for rent. Fair is fair. However I am being… shoehorned (more or less) to leave by the beginning of next year. Fair is fair.

I am still unfortunately working part-time at Green Hell. The management there is not doing a great job of keeping an efficient workflow. We simply need more people other than myself, and one other to unload freight. Because of that job being grossly undermanned, my body is paying for it. Just as was at my first Green Hell working experience in South San Francisco, my whole body aches-Particularly my forearms and hands. Unloading freight and stocking heavy items for one day destroys my body for the rest of the week. By the time the next shipment arrives, I feel that I haven’t really recovered, so the pain is now constant-And it has been like that for months now.

It hurts to grip, let alone lift even light items. I wake up in the middle of my slumber with numb or burning sensations in my hands and forearms. My legs and back constantly ache as well. Of course I’m still getting paid at minimum wage.

I am thoroughly unhappy with this job. The co-workers are nice enough, but I feel my time at Green Hell is coming to a close very soon. The payrate is not worth the pain, nor is stress and oft time humility of cashiering. I’ve come close to walking out multiple times due to rude and obnoxious customers who are full of prejudice and zero respect. It has become harder for me to put on fake niceties of welcoming and helpful store clerk.

I need to find something else quickly or I will break something.

I still don’t fully know what I want to do, or realize exactly what I’m capable of, but that’s why such a company like Rockport exists-And it may well be the answer to my wants and needs.

However, it will of course come at a somewhat steep price for their services; Well steep for me anyway. They say 90% of their clients/students do meet their goals-14,000+ successful and strong, including Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, there’s even endorsements by presidents.

Of course I do have my doubts, and that brings us back to the Shakespeare quote at the top.

I feel like I’ve lost so much; Then again, I never had much of anything to begin with.

There is a book called The Pathfinder written by the founder of the Rockport Institute, Nicholas Lore. Perhaps I should take a peek at that before I commit hundreds.

I am starting another overnight stocking shift at Green Hell in an hour or so, and I’m dreading it already.

Here comes more pain.


a little scare

Off from late night shift at Green hell. I just parked the car. As I was about to step out, I noticed a quadruped animal walking by. Thought it was a cat. As I opened the door, I seen it stopped and looked right at me.

It was a fox.

I then quickly shut the door.

About thirty seconds later it turned and walked away.

For safetys sake, I decided to just stay and vape a little and type this out. One thing comes to mind: I should have asked what the fox says.