rum & coke

Finally got a hold of a copy of Batman V. Superman Ultimate Edition. Used (and cheap) from the Barnes & Noble site. Watched everything up until the final battle, and then I thought something was missing. It’s Friday night, watching a movie at home – So I went down to the local ABC store and picked up a couple sample bottles of Captain Morgan 100 proof, then a 2-liter of Diet Super Chill (generic coca-cola) from the local Shoppers Supermarket. I’d say it definitely improved the movie watching experience, and to celebrate a rather long week of work.

It’s been seven months since my last entry into this blog. Looking at the statistics, it has since only had 9 views. Yes, indeed – No one cares, but then I wasn’t caring either. I suppose I will carry on as if no one reads this at all. I accept it. This is more theraputic for me after all.

So what has happened in the last 7 months?

When last we met up The Roadd he was living with his best friend (and his girlfriend, recently turned wife ((Grats!))) in California, in the very unpleasant city of Salinas. It was overall not a gainful experience, more like an extended vacation/experience in clostraphobia.

The section of the city I had lived in was not a safe area …at all. The crime/murder rate was horrifying, seeming to grow exponentially more during months after I had left – I doubt it will stop any time soon. Basically, without a mode of conveyance, aside from the terrifying prospect of public transportation, I was trapped at home.

My cousins did get me a car, but long story; short, it was a lemon, and I ended up losing money trying to restore it. That hurt me both financially and mentally because I wanted more than anything to start working, saving, and getting the hell out of that city as soon as possible – To get on with my life independantly, but I just coudn’t get started. I do regret that I moved there knowing that I would end up in that section of the city; However I am also thankful that my friends took me in, and didn’t kick me out.

Two months later, my family back east was having a hard time caring for my mother …again. When I left she was in better spirits, but her age and apparently growing ailments were making things too difficult. Add the fact that there is also a newborn to care for.

I had to face the facts, I was defeated, and engaged in a seemingly endless downward spiral of misery there in Salinas. I was physically and mentally not in a good place. I honestly didn’t want to end up taking care of my mother again, but it seemed the lesser of two evils to return to Virginia.

And so back I came, and returned immediately to my shit job at green hell. I was welcomed back. Seemed nothing had changed, and they needed me. Or rather, they needed someone with my patience and durability. Of course, I still hated it, but … money.

One of the 50ml samplers is done, I bought two, but I will save the other for tomorrow, as I will continue this …fucking odyssey.

Rest assured there is some …yes, some light at the end of the tunnel.