no sale

This past week my phone was suddenly chiming with numerous eBay sales alerts. It turns out I sold twenty-four items in the span of perhaps ten minutes.

While that would normally be outstanding, I’m sorry to report that I have but one single item for sale on my account – And it wasn’t a lot of limited edition Star Wars toys that go for thousands of dollars.

Somehow my eBay account was hacked.

I immediately went into my account overview and found I couldn’t get in via web browser, nor the phone App. Upon checking my e-mail, I noticed a password change to my eBay account (that I didn’t initiate) had gone through.

The joker, whomever it is, got in, changed my password, and proceeded to make a lot of listings under my handle.

Went back to the eBay site, and after a really unnecessary search, I found their support phone number. Thankfully the helpline operates until 10pm PST. My phone was still chiming sales as I spoke to the tech and reported what was happening.

After I ID’d myself, she saw what was happening, and put a stop to it right away – Including macro-mailing all the sales winners and explaining what was happening. I was put on hold several times with short perhaps two minute intervals.

After everything was fixed on her end, she then aided me on recovering my account, including password changes, sales history verification etc. It was fairly painless.

I spent the next half hour or so changing passwords on … well, everything. I have no idea how someone hacked my account, but it spooked me for sure. It reminded me to take internet security more seriously. This could have ended very very badly.

“Cheers!” to eBay for their swift action in halting the false listings and sales and for recovering my account.

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