omega card reading

My cousin Melanie Omega (Connor) has recently started a business in card readings. I am very proud of her as it seems she has found her calling in life.

Universal Cards – “which incorporates aspects of classic Tarot and Animal Medicine cards.”

To be honest, I’m skeptical of such things. However she has done several of these readings for me over the last couple of years, and I can’t help but be intrigued by how closely the results reflect me.

This is the most recent reading.

“I drew four cards for you to process where you are at this point in your journey.  the first two cards each represent a strength, the third card represents something working against you, and the fourth is an overlooked advantaged.

strength:  The Moon/Frog
    Pay attention to your own intuition at this time.  There may be instances of insincerity by others; remember this world is an illusion and many people in it are hiding their true intentions.  Trust yourself, listen to your dreams, honor your feelings.  Frog represents cleansing and urges to express our feelings.  Tears, for example, cleanse the soul.  Take time out to be alone with yourself, and allow yourself to refill your energy.  Let clear energy replace the mud cluttering your thoughts or feelings.  Rid yourself of any place, person, or thing that is muddying your waters.

strength:  The Star/Lizard
    The Star card carries feelings of renewed faith and hope; it is a card of dreams and fantasy.  Go ahead and entertain thoughts of financial security, balance in relationships, and control of your life. Lizard is the dreamer and often imagines circumstances before allowing them to manifest in this reality.  Remember it is up to you to choose what reality you want to live in.  You are a co-creator of your past, present, and future; it is never too late to be your authentic self.

working against you:  The World/Spider
      The World signifies the completion of your journey and true happiness, security with who you are, knowledge of where you’ve been, confidence in where you are going. Spider is about being an infinite soul, and also represents language. So your message from this is you will feel fulfilled, you will find peace and serenity and also have the ability to communicate clearly.  This also denotes the recognition that you are creating your reality, and allows you the freedom to use the power of weaving to manifest your true desires.

unseen blessing:  The Sun/Dolphin
    The Sun represents the rewards reaped at the end of a journey, Dolphin reminds you to pay attention to your body rhythms and breath.  Your journey is coming full-circle, and you need to be prepared to start over on a new journey.  Remember that which you have learned, and RELAX! You’ve already dealt with the most difficult parts.
i hope you can see the correlations between all the readings i’ve done for you and my suggestions for manifesting happiness.  thoughts become things.  let your thoughts be positive; you fucking deserve it.”

Yes. Perhaps I do.

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