lite and clear

Couple things.

I’ve been on a diet. Not really a diet per se – More like a lifestyle change. I’ve been relearning how to eat right, and limit myself. Basically, I’m merely counting calories and trying to limit myself to no more than 1500 calories per day. I’m also drinking more plain water, or adding no calorie flavor shots – Limiting soda and sugary carbonated drinks. I’ve done no extra gym work; Merely only changed my eating habits.

The results after about 2-3 months of this practice is that I lost some thirty pounds. I dropped two clothing sizes, which is somewhat annoying because of the need to purchase new clothes (annoying because of money).

So the initial gym work that I started 2 years ago, and having stopped after moving to Virginia – That loss, then gain (sedentary and depressed), then this loss, I’ve dropped over ninety pounds. 9-0 pounds. The problem now is that I need to try and lose fifty more.

It’s not impossible. I realise that now. Of course I am also starting to plateau on my loss, and should go back to the gym to give my body another jump-start; Money tho.

Today also marks one month from my last Camel Crush Menthol Silver – Or rather my last cigarette altogether. As I started to lose weight, I made the conscious effort to also stop smoking.

Usually what happens when a person quits smoking is that they tend to gain weight because of the need to fulfill that oral sensation, or because the muscle memory of smoking remains – And what replaces sticking faggots of burning tobacco in ones mouth is of course food.

I have counteracted food gorging with the help of e-cigarettes. And not just regular cig-a-like e-cigarettes (such as BLU), but with more advanced gear with bigger batteries, tanks, and little-to-no tobacco flavored nicotine juice.

After almost twenty years, I am no longer a smoker; I am now a vaper. And it is brilliant!

I will eventually write another blog on how my vaping started and evolved. For now I will disclose that I currently vape on a Joytech eGo ONE kit and I love Vapor Hut’s Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble flavor.

It is safe to say that with this kit, whatever other gear I may get in the future, and my nicotine level/desire dropping quickly – I will never go back to smoking regular (analog) cigarettes again.

And my lungs are happy.

One thought on “lite and clear

  1. I’m glad for an update! I’ve checked periodically, and this made me happy. Good updates too! I’m glad you’re moving in the right direction towards improving your health. When I first lost weight in high school I never considered how expensive it can be, because you have to purchase new clothes. :/ Hit up the thrift stores my friend. And keep up the good work! ❤

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