It is Tuesday morning. Mom is in her insomnia class; I’m in the Kaiser member’s lounge on the second floor near the deli. Just had an egg and bacon sandwich and twenty ounce bottle of ginger ale. Four dollars, forty-five cents. Too little for that price. At least my hunger satisfied.

Only had about four hours of sleep and I’m thankful for even that much. Because of the staggered schedule at Green Hell-Unloading the delivery truck on Monday morning, leaving when done, and continuing that same shift at night-The eight hour workday limit is still in effect and I’m stuck with whatever remaining time is left from the morning. The truck took four hours, so last night we worked the last four hours. Under normal circumstances, that would have annoyed the hell out of me, but since I have to take my mother class in the morning …well it was nice to some rest. And that is something I needed.

After the truck, yesterday I decided to stay awake because I had to walk my sister and brother-in-law’s dog, Kingston in the early afternoon. Figure I’d get to sleep at around four postmeridian.

The dog-walk went smoothly. Typical walk by Lake Braddock to let Kingston do his canine duties. Was done by about two-thirty. Brought him in, and fed him a little, caught a little television (because I don’t have cable), and was out by about three-fifteen.

After a slight excursion to the Goodwill Thrift Store, I arrived at home by 4pm, and got ready to jump into bed, planning to get a nice five hour snooze–Then my sister called and said there was a showing for their house at 6pm, and that I needed to pick up Kingston again for a good hour while the potential home buyers were browsing their house.

So I stayed up again. Picked up Kingston at five-thirty. We drove for a bit, walked for a bit. Got him back by six-fifty. Fed him his dinner. Out by seven-ten.

Took Braddock Road home. Big mistake. Just past Fairfax Station, there was a virtual standstill of traffic. After several minutes of driving at a turtle’s pace, I arrived at the turnoff for George Mason University. After some exploring, I knew how to get around the campus to find a route home, so I took it. Even bigger mistake.

As it turns out, it seems class has started up again. Or perhaps it was orientations, nevertheless, the traffic on campus was probably just as bad as was the highway.

Long story; short, I got home by around seven-fortyfive. And I was hungry, so I made a small dinner, ate, readied my kit for work. By this time my body was just aching for sleep. At eight-thirtyfive I decided to try to at least get a short nap in. That ended up with me basically just staring at the ceiling for about 30 minutes.

By the time I got to work (twenty minutes early) I was indeed aching in pain. More so, I was annoyed to find that someone had already stocked my usual section. I was not in a good mood during that shift.

Mother’s class is over soon. Then it’s straight over to pick up Kingston for his normal noon walk. After that I suppose I’ll get lunch/dinner and attempt to get more sleep–For tonight is the full eight-hour horror at Green Hell.