To conclude the events of yesterday–

Didn’t mention that I woke with a headache. It was noticeable when I drove mother to class. When I went to work it was more mild, and then it evolved into a rather deep headache that was a bit disorienting. I didn’t have access to Tylenol or any pain suppressant-No money to buy any. At home I had one tablet of acetaminophen, but it also had diphenhydramine, and I didn’t want to fall asleep.

Add the fact that I had to do register work at Green Hell, well …you can say that I was not at all in a good mood. Powered through it though.

Got home, took that one last tablet. Hydrated and ate. This morning there’s some lingering bit of headache, but it’s mostly died down. Think I will pull some change together to get some offbrand ibuprofen or whatnot later.

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