Just got an e-mail from PayPal stating that an automatic payment was made to WordPress towards another year of use for the domain name. I was not exactly expecting that, although a reminder was sent to the e-mail …which I didn’t check in time. Have to admit that it stung a little because that payment almost overdrew my checking account. Thank goodness it didn’t.

That said, let’s look on the bright side-I own this domain for yet another year. Also this is essentially this blog’s anniversary. So I say lets celebrate this vent with a new look to the site. 

Gone is the top splash image of Ruben’s Consequences of War. Gone is the neutral color scheme, and my vile face staring back at you. In place now is a highly simplistic look and a GUI featuring a grouped hexagon control panel. Essentially what is presented are just my words alone. If you seek eye candy, may I redirect you.  

So this is it folks. One year and a little over a hundred posts, and it seems I’m nearly back in the same situation as I started-Only in a different locale. It has been an interesting ride, or at least I hope it has been for you readers (what few of you there may be). 

I can’t promise any sort of outcome, be it good, bad, or neutral, but I can promise that I will attempt to record and convey with brutal honesty who I am. I ask for nothing in return-Perhaps a few words if you’re so inclined to reply. I somehow hope that though my writing, that my experiences recorded here, can be looked upon in even the most minute way as material that can be learned from. Whether I’m rising or falling, I hope I’m able to clarify why?

To those who have stuck with me, I thank you for continuing to indulge me. To any newcomers, I hope I am worthy of your time.

Thank you.