I am at the Terminal B/C food court at Philadelphia International Airport. I just tried Chick-fil-A for the first time ever. It was a little overpriced-Especially considering that I had a ten dollar gift card that they couldn’t accept because it’s not part of the regular franchise stores-But it, the food, it wasn’t bad. Got the four piece strip meal. Liked the fries. Liked the strips, liked their official brand (honey mustard) sauce; didn’t like their runny buffalo hot sauce.

Now the reason I’m writing about this experience, simply put, I missed my connecting flight to Washington, D.C… yeah. Stuck here in Philly for the better part of four hours waiting for another flight. The reason why I missed it is because of this mornings flight from SFO. According to the captain they were having trouble fueling the plane and that delayed us a good fifteen-to-twenty minutes. My connecting flight in Philadelphia was only a 35-40 minute layover, and I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the connecting flight to DCA because the plane would drop us off only 3 gates away. And so I figured the delay wouldn’t make much of a difference.

I was wrong. I learned today that even tho a common flight like mine is run like clockwork virtually every day, One should always expect the unexpected. 

Because of the delay, when my flight landed, it was rerouted to a different terminal-Terminal A, which is on the other side of the airport from Terminal C (where it was supposed to go). It wouldn’t be just a simple saunter on down a couple gates-Nope it was a very long power walk and jog across three BUSY terminals including very long halls of shops and restaurants. Obviously, I didn’t make it and here I am.

This morning I started a post while waiting to board at SFO. It was very brief, as I quickly ran out of time. In it, I stated how this move, with all it’s sacrifice and trials, how I was basically leaving what was familiar all my life-How it truly felt so anti-climactic? 

Well if this event is any indicator, my life, post California is going to be …very …challenging.  

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