This is my first full post via phone. My usual setup of tablet and bluetooth keyboard is all packed up and on the way to Virginia with my sister-As are the majority of my other possessions.

The SwiftKey swipe-keyboard app is actually doing a fine job of predicting what I’m writing here. It’s well deserving of its high ranking of purchases on the Google Play store.

It’s a good feeling to be done with what I feel was the hardest part of this move (so far). It’s also humbling to know what I truly value (in posessions) can fit in such little space.

An ex co-worker, a good friend, Stephanie (whom I joyfully refer to as Steph-infection, which she doesn’t like)  has been vocal in her disapproval of my moving-Not the relocation directly, but at the circumstances by which I’m moving, and also of the sacrifices that I’m making because of it. They are quite valid concerns.

I told her it was because of family responsibility of course, but also its a real fresh start for me. Not that it won’t be difficult; It most certainly will be. Bright side: It is also a chance to witness and experience something and somewhere new.

Earlier that day (yesterday) as I was looking through my final box of stuff to sort through, I ran into a small pamphlet. It was a series of  pictures of an old friend of mine, Tom T. , who was the subject of an early blog post, The Mighty Testicles. (Testicles is pronounced similarly to Hercules btw). Tom died (suicide) at a rather young age.

Seeing that pamphlet that was made for his funeral, seeing his face reminded me about what we, his friends, had said of him after his passing. He was barely starting his adult life in his early twenties, and he has never been outside of California.

That thought was powerful and put into perspective that what I am doing, while by no means uncommon, is something that I imagine many people may never have a chance to do. Not that they wouldn’t want to, but real life responsibilities, not to mention cost is likely what prevents such adventure. For someone in my position, with my interests, my ambitions, this move is something to take advantage of. Again, it will be difficult. My primary motive for this move is to care for my ailing mother-But it will be far more interesting than being stuck here with virtually no chance to succeed and to escape the feeling of confinement.

In so many words, I explained all this to Stephanie. While she will miss me (And I, her), I believe she understands. … Truth is, I’m still trying to convince myself as well.

In other news, the other day I made the trek to the local CarMax in Fairfield. From that experience I think I may write my first Yelp review. It was all positive, and the appraisal of my van far exceeded my expectations. Now all that’s left to do is go back to drop it off and get my check. And that will be done tomorrow morning, as my older half brother is thankfully going to follow me and give me ride back home.

It’s an odd feeling to know that in less than twenty-four hours I will be without a vehicle for the first time in fifteen years.

Note to self: I miss my keyboard already. 😉