East coast bound.

After a phone conference with my sibs and mother the other day, it was settled-I am moving to Virginia, and will try to settle in Maryland.


Quite frankly because it’s cheaper. The other option is of course here in California-It may well be possible to find cheap housing here, but the job market, at least for me is pretty terrible. My sister is confident that it will be better for me on the East Coast.

Also, it’s a good move to keep the immediate family together. She and her husband, and his family will be near by for support. My little brother, who is entertainment stardom bound will do good in remaining in the Hollywood, California area.

The only real drawback is that my mother will not be near her brothers and sisters, and our extended family back here in the west. Air travel for her is somewhat difficult in her condition of high anxiety and high blood pressure. I will endeavor to try and help her heal. That is my my main purpose for this move. The way I see it is that it will be similar in taking care of my grandfather, except she weighs a lot less. brightside, eh.

I’ll be completely honest, I’m very nervous and frightened of this whole event. I will be taken completely out of my comfort zone. I did survive taking care of my grandfather, and I’d like to think I’m a better person after that particular experience. Yet it is now happening again.

The stink of it is that I am basically in the same place in regards to career and finance as when I was with grandfather. It’s not good at all. I claimed bankruptcy, so my bills are relagated primarily to my student loan, my small credit card, car insurance, and (yes, my friends) my subscription to the WWE Network. shut up! And while that isn’t so bad; My buying power is just gone, at least for the next seven years. There is no chance for me to get approved on renting, much less a mortage or car payment …Unless it’s a truly horrific interest rate. That’s all future problems to deal with when I get there.

The immediate nightmare is getting rid of my stuff. I know that I’ve touched up on it in previous posts, but now that this move is impending and more immediate than I’m comfortable with, I need to rush in getting rid of it all. So I’m looking at almost any avenues of opportunity to do so while hopefully making a little cash at the same time. The ebay thing has been moderately successful so far. Not everything sells, and some things were sold very cheaply-That’s the gamble tho, and it is kind of exciting.

My music gear will be sold to music stores and a friend is buying my old drum machine. My older half brother will be buying my gaming desktop computer for use with his pro-biking and triathlon training endeavors. I believe I will be taking my smarttv to a pawn shop and getting not-a-bloody-whole-lot for it.

The biggest challenge will be getting rid of my van. I don’t want to do it. I need a car over there, but the prices for shipping are ridiculous. In my perfect world, I would drive that thing all the way to Viriginia, but that’s a lot money to throw down for gas, not to mention food and lodging-Probably as much as shipping it, but then I’m not entirely confident in its roadworthiness on a two-thousand-five-hundred mile road trip. It is a lovely thought, but not quite realistic. No, I have to leave it, rather sell it here. The problem is that I will need it until the last few days before the trip. So my only real option is Carmax, or perhaps signing it over to my father and he sell it. I am not entirely sure.

In any case, that is essentially what lays ahead of me over the next couple of weeks.

As I’ve started the great disassembly of my possessions, I was surprised that some people, even when items are offered dirt cheap or free are unwilling to take the deal. They have their reasons and often time it’s a good one, but in this poor economy why pass up on such a good thing?

When I finally leave, I will have dropped my possessions down to only a few thirty-to-forty gallon sized boxes. Figure all that is really needed is my laptop and some accessories, this tablet and keyboard which I am blogging on now, some clothes, and some books and media. Everything else will be gone.

I am truly starting over.