Bio of a Sixth Grader

This is a collection of work, in fact is a writing project I had worked on in the Sixth Grade. I rediscovered it yesterday while sorting through my old stuff, discarding what I don’t need/require for my inevitable move.

I thought it novelty at first, but after a read-through, I had a sort of revelation: 1) Even as a kid, I recognized my solitary nature and embraced it. 2) I was thinking about writing seriously then as well.



Some of these facts are quite erroneous, not to mention hilarious. However those last few lines made me think.


Not long after I moved back to this area, I visited the site of that accident. The blood is no longer there.

The Writer



Well my teacher, Mrs. Buriani (sp?) was impressed.


“~less than a food away~”

Yeesh. Freudian slip? Must have been hungry when I wrote that.

I also do remember quite vividly that my mother was a little angry with me after reading this.

Dream Page 1

Dream Page 2

Dream Page 3

Yes, this is the insanity that is I.


It’s not a bad thought. 

This is some really terrible stuff, but it is indeed the beginning of my personal writing style. By all means, laugh your heads off. Please. There is no excuse. This is the product of what I had learned in writing and grammar up to that point. It is quite unimpressive.

And yet…

Reading this work from over twenty years ago has put things into perspective. It emboldened my words in previous blog entries. The other activities (or distractions) I had pursued, the music and video game design-Those ambitions lead me to no success-In fact it put me into great debt and instability within myself, and my family. I am grateful to have learned and continue to learn more in those fields. However,  I realize now more than ever that all the tools I have ever really needed to succeed are a pencil and paper, or word processor, but most of all I needed the confidence in my ability to express and convey the creative weirdness within my mind.

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