meet pt. 2

Last monday, I suppose a few days after meeting that talented lady, I of course found myself at that same Starbucks. This time, I was sitting outside. There was clearly a “No Smoking” symbol etched in the middle of the round table, but no one was minding it at the other tables and were smoking away. So I joined them.

I meant to do some blogging, but I found myself reading through a book I had purchased from Goodwill earlier that day. It is a modernized translation of Macbeth-Less poetry and metaphor, more straight to the point. Not that I couldn’t understand the original play, but it was easier to plow through it.

At the end of Act 3, I paused in thought of what I just read. Just then a young fellow walked out of Starbucks and just randomly began to speak to me as he was lighting up a cigarette of his own. He mentioned that he was having a hard time finding a job. I have no idea what provoked him to tell me this, perhaps it was the homely way I was dressed-I had went to Starbucks immediately after my workout at the gym. In any case, I responded in agreement.

From he sat across from me and we began to expand on jobs, then to exercise, where he told me he had once trained for MMA and he wrestled in college. The way he was talking about it seemed believable.

Then the conversation somehow went to comic books, something I know well enough. That spawned debates over certain superheroes-Who is more powerful etc. And that brought about the Epic Rap Battles series on Youtube, which my cousin Melanie had introduced to me a couple months ago.

It turns out this chap is a musician and producer himself. He has various Youtube accounts, one which he employs a versus theme of his own, only it’s more superheroes vs other heroes or video game characters. He writes the music, does all the rapping, and video editing himself.

That’s not all, he showed me videos of his guitar playing and freestyle DJ sets. He is a very good guitarist, and a pretty good producer from what I’ve heard-Subjective of course.

He is an an athlete and an artist. That’s a combination that at least I rarely see. He is just as bit as talented as the lady I met previously (in the last post), only his talent is more auditory, whereas hers is visual.

The direct commonality between these two is: Age.

They are both just 23 years old.

Along with my best friend’s girlfriend, that’s three very talented people I know sharing the same age.

When he told me his age, I… Well I would be remiss in admitting that I wasn’t feeling the slightest uneasy. It was definitely a bit of a blow to my own ego. These people have more knowledge than me, experienced far more than me, are far more talented than me-And they are so young-A mere two-thirds my own age.

What have I done with my life? I’ve wasted it. I am currently both broke, and alone. The clock continues to tick, and I am being left behind.

Something must be done.

Just in case anyone wants to see this fellows work here is his youtube channel:
The Infinite Source