I really need to keep up with my blogs. The last couple weeks have brought about some significant, and not so significant items or events in my life. Quite a lot to talk about, really, and I imagine I’ll need to write quite a bit to catch up. — The immediate subject is two very interesting people that I have met.

If memory serves it was a couple weeks ago-I ventured into a Starbucks that I generally do not inhabit to write my last blog entry. This the San Bruno store-As I found out, it is open 24 hours a day. In fact the time now is ten to midnight. I Iike it.

After writing that blog entry, I stayed and caught up on a little reading. The conference like long table I sat at was seated by various other people. The two directly ahead of me were a pair of younger people, friends-Male and female, obviously younger 20s. I caught wind of what they were talking about: Japanese anime. I was indeed inclined to bring myself into the conversation. The small chat escalated to a nice back and forth debate, comparing and contrasting the more modern anime, versus the older stuff that I grew up with-Being their senior by some 12 years or so.

After some good banter, it lead to other subject matters. With the male fellow, we talked about his burgeoning writing endeavors to really random things like professional wrestling. Again, it was comparing the newer WWE versus the old WWF, and other organizations. I rather enjoyed that, I don’t usually talk to anyone at length about wrestling.

Before long, he had to leave, and the lady and I carried the conversation further. Before I go on about her, I’ll add that they both work at the local movie theater where they had met and became good friends-If they are an item, I do not know. They did discuss in good detail about the work, and I was rather convinced to apply, which I did. Of course I have yet to hear anything back from the theater.

Now, this lady truly was a talented artist. She went to school at the Art Institute in San Francisco, seems to prefer the Manga style of comic art, knows her away around computer paint programs to 3D animation. She is also well versed in writing, physiology, and history. In a word, I found her simply amazing.

Before I even realized it, some 12 hours passed by. We were late into the night, discussing her stories, in the end we sat and watched bewildered by goats that able to ascent steep walls and tall trees-Yes, it was rather silly, but I did take notice that we seemed rather comfortable in each others company. After a half day of talk, why not?

At near 2am I finally decided it was time to leave for home. She stayed and continued to draw in her sketchbooks. We did exchange numbers, as I was excited to make her acquaintance . She did seem a bit let down that I left. I really wanted to invite her home, to continue the conversation, but of course it is not my home, and I doubt my father and his wife would approve me bringing home a woman late into the night, let alone a stranger. I felt doubly bad as she has told me she currently lives in her car. I should have at least gestured, even if I knew the answer would be no.

I did try to text over the next few days, and invited her to hang out, but nothing came of it. Perhaps I was being a bit too strong or bold, basically annoying. I was excited by her, not directly in an intimate way; Perhaps just overly excited to finally make a local friend here.
In any case the texting was more me talking, with just short polite replies from her. I figure she’s just busy, and I can understand that. She’s struggling to survive, just like the rest of us, perhaps more so because she’s entered into a profession that is highly subjective and very hard to make a living from-An artist.

I just now texted her after a couple weeks. I hope I do get a reply, but in all honesty I don’t expect one. Perhaps my intensity and persistence has foiled my chance at a relationship once again. That saddens me because quite frankly, all I wanted was a good friend.

I have more to tell on another incredibly talented fellow I met here at ‘bucks, and of a somewhat alarming coincidence and reality check from these chance meetings. However enough for now.

To be continued.

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