I think I’m finally getting over this cold. More or less feel back to normal. There;s still a lingering bit of congestion and a headache, but I think I can finally get back to the gym tomorrow-And pursue trying to find a new job.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to the gym in a couple months. Fortunately, I haven’t really gained anyway weight. Working at the tree more or less kept me in shape. Altho I do think I’ve lost a good bit of muscle mass. I wonder how far from my max lifts I am now. Last time I took two weeks off, it took me a week to get back on top. I guess it’ll be a month to work my way back up again. That’s ok. I look forward to the struggle.

Money is getting tight of course. That’s what happens when you haven’t worked for a bit. I am thankful that my father and his wife let me dwell in their home, so I don’t have to worry as much about paying for rent, but I do need to offer up something every once in awhile to gesture my appreciation. Need money for that. Have to find some work quick. I don’t really care what it is-again after working at the tree, I’m sure I can handle anything.

In other news, thanks to my sister and father for the gifts of money this Christmas, I was able to get a new tablet, which I’m using write now to type this up-Along with a cheap blue tooth Mac keyboard that I found at Goodwill for seven dollars. I dislike the Mac keyboard layout, but I’ll get used to it. The tablet is a Lenovo S3000. Still only a 7″ tablet, but it’s power and responsiveness is far beyond my old first Gen Kindle Fire. Much snappier indeed. So this is definitely a good light-weight alternative for blogging out and about than hauling around my monstrous Asus G75.

Now something strange: I let out to the universe (on Facebook) that I wanted a certain keyboard, and as I posted, the universe in for the of Jen, from the Mutant League, had answered and gave me the funds to get that mechanical keyboard. And just the other day, I was focused on finding a blue tooth keyboard for my new tablet at a thrift store, and I did.

Maybe this secret stuff does work.