Can’t seem to completely rid myself of this sickness that I’ve contracted just prior to new year. Seems to be slowly receding, but congestion and the headaches seem to persist. It’s quite distracting and sometimes I lose focus on what I’m doing. I want to work, and it’s killing my will to even look. Not a great way to start the new year.

In work related news, I got ahold my old temp agency to let them know I’m available again. I thought they’d have something set up for me right away, but I was wrong. Will just have to keep up to date with them.

In personal news, my siblings and I are talking about getting my mother out of the Philippines. It’s a rather delicate situation, and quite frustrating.

2 thoughts on “stuffy

    1. Ha! For the most part, I am indeed writing or chronicling events to myself. I do hope that people read what I write here, but I admit that this blog is mostly for my own recollection and thoughts, and also serves as good practice.

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