in process

Damn it. My hands just won’t cease to ache. I’d say they are feeling perhaps eighty percent of the pain since leaving Dollar Tree-And I think that’s only because last night I did not work as normal. The two day weekend usually wasn’t enough, and whatever pain that may have subsided would surely come back the first night after the weekend. Seems this healing is a slow process . Hopefully by the end of the week they’ll cease to hurt enough that I can trying weight lifting again, and I really miss weight lifting-Not that I wasn’t lifting weights at my former job, but it wasn’t deliberate with calculated exercise in mind.

I have done a lot of brain storming for this story/game, and it makes me smile just thinking of it all. My confidence in it grows with each day. I think that is a good sign. If anything, I know I will enjoy the final result and do hope that others will share the joy as well.

Time to get back to it….  

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