moving on

I informed the manager at Dollar Tree that tomorrow shall be last day of work. As I stated tentatively it was to be next Friday, but after last nights intensely large shipment and the chaos that ensued, I had decided that I have indeed had enough.

It’s nothing personal. It just is what it is.

I had talked to the usual truck driver, and said my goodbye and good luck to him. He has on many occasions said he would be leaving that job due to such low wages for what he does. He rationalizes that it is indeed a bad economy, and so he remains and on his seventh year.

I worked eight years at Streetlight Records, also on little pay and with no real progression. I stayed because I enjoyed the people there, as well as to survive. At this current job, I have indeed grown to like the crew. They are good people, but as with the truck driver they/we are all over-worked and underpaid. So at times our nerves are indeed rattled and we get aggravated.

Minimum wage and part-time hours really doesn’t net me enough to even save money, but I knew that going in. This job served three purposes – Firstly to survive with a little cash. Secondly, I felt it a penance for letting my grandfather die in poverty-He deserved better than what I had provided. Indeed he took care of me as I took care of him, when I should have been more grounded. Thirdly, this job was a lesson in character, a self evaluation. And I learned a lot about who I am.

I will not let that scenario of a dead end job play out again. So I’ll be without money for a short while. I will survive. In the mean time I will recuperate, hopefully get my hands and back to quit aching, get back to kicking ass at the gym, and concentrate on my writing and other creative endeavors. 

Similarly to what Craig Ferguson said in his book, American on PurposeI will forego safety for adventure.