basic story

Still studying RPG Maker. I suppose it will be a continuous education-But as I go through it, I’m constantly rotating ideas for my first (test) game in my head. I’ve had this novel, I had more less started in highschool-The furthest I got was developing the characters, and did a draft or more a road map on how it progresses. I’ve done for a few stories actually. Started, haven’t finished, except for in my head. Haven’t laid them out yet.

As far as I can see, most of these games would make good adventure games, as opposed to a turn based RPG-I mean c’mon how often are people going to have random encounters. No, level grinding doesn’t really compute with a narrative-It’s just a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. However, I do understand why it is crucial in character growth in such games.

In any case none of those old stories are immediately jumping out at me. I have however been dwelling on another story which I think would work. However, to keep grinding to a minimum, I think I’d cut the game down into many smaller chapters. I plan to have a lot of dialogue and story scenes, so I think it would make sense. Essentially it may turn into a sort of interactive graphic novel or sorts with a turn based RPG look and battle system.

The story will be basically a buddy movie. Two neurotic individuals who stumbling upon and acquiring powers while on their way to do something else. I suppose could compare the basic set up to the Harold & Kumar movies-A lot of random silliness with an overall theme on friendship and bonding.

Yeah. I need to start some character sketches, concepts and storyboards. Visually, I already know how it’s going to look. In fact I know how it’s going to sound too. 

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