wasted day

Well yesterday was a complete waste of time. At green hell we were presented with ridiculously large shipment of one dollar crap to be unloaded. It took two-thirds of the day/night/shift to do just that. When I got home I had intended on eating, and waiting for the fish tank lights (timered) to turn on so I can feed my little buddies-And then I was to redress, and head out to somewhere (Starbucks) to further study the RPG Maker software.

Unfortunately after my dinner, I had decided to take a short nap-Was bloody exhausted after all. What was intended to be a half-hour to 45 minute snooze had turned into some eight -to-nine hours of heavy sleep. I later awoke at four o’clock in the afternoon. sigh….

A wasted day.

Fortunately my studies isn’t for a class. Unfortunately I can now log a day in my life that seems to have been a listless waste with no progress. I cannot afford to do that again. I need focus.

It’s near 3pm now, I’m at Starbucks, and am about to resume my study. Today is Friday, and I have the rest of the weekend off.

It’s time to work. Really work-Toward building my future.

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