engine decision

After doing a bit of testing with both RPG Maker VX Ace and Multimedia Fusion 2, and also fumbling around in my head the style of game I will initially make, I have decided to start with RPG Maker, simply because it made me smile the quickest.

I don’t doubt the ability of MMF2, it’s just I feel that the engine is built more towards the action genre-More 2D platforming and shooters and such. I do plan on making a space shmup (shoot’em up) like the classics Gradius, and R-Type; However I feel like telling a more in depth story first, with dialogue a character building. I believe RPG Maker has more potential to make a hybrid adventure/jrpg style game, at least with lesser time and headache-And in that way I can concentrate more time on the content and assets vs programming.

That’s not to say it won’t be a learning experience-It will be quite a task to master either programs, and it already is progressing to be so-But I will not fail.

I will make my games. I will tell my stories. I will create and develop my art and music.

And I will feel like I’ve done something with myself-A sense of accomplishment.

In other news-I have notified my temp agency that I am leaving Dollar Tree and will be available again January.

I hope they can find something decent for me.    

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