storms arrival


I’m so excited! I’m also quite comfortable as I type this post.

Yesterday, as I was about to take a little nap before working my graveyard shift at green hell, there was a sudden ring and a hard knock at the front door. I went to see who it was, and saw the postman driving off. I immediately looked down and there it was! A package for me, one that I was not expecting until tomorrow (today). Hurray for missing the Christmas postal rush!

Problem. I was half asleep-Should I open it now, or wait until after work?

For the sake of motivation and positive re-enforcement, I decided to hold off. So while I was working, I had something nice to think about and look forward to when I got home.

Of course when I finally did get home I immediately tore the package open like a kid on Christmas morning. Kinda silly response, I suppose, but this is a special gift-Something I would never in my life expect as a gift, let alone from someone I barely know.

Yes, this is the famed mechanical keyboard I mentioned in the ripple post-The CM Storm Quickfire TK with Cherry MX Brown switches. And it is every bit as wonderful to type on as it is beautiful to behold. The audible clacking and the tactile feedback is such a joy that I wonder how I ever got by with the generic membrane keyboards over all these years. I certainly wouldn’t want to regularly go back to that feeling-And that’s one reason why I wanted this particular keyboard-The size is quite portable, and I can see myself easily bringing it along with my laptop. Just need to get a proper casing for it. Could have gotten a smaller one in fact that had no number pad, and integrated directional buttons, but I find myself using the ten-key pad often, and toggling between the pad, and the directional keys is just an easy tap of the number lock key.

The switches are supposedly rated for fifty million depressions-However since they are real Cherry switches, they can be replaced and even modified. So in all likelihood, I will be using this keyboard for the rest of my life! That is outstanding!

I just can’t thank Jen enough for this. Thank you. Thank you! As I’ve said, and will continue to say: This random act of true generosity will never ever be forgotten!

Thank you, Jen!