another tool

Another tool is gained.

The Humble Bundle for this week features the game making program known as Multimedia Fusion 2 along with a handful of full games that were created using that software. After looking at video examples of those games, and looking at some tutorials, I was impressed and decided to go ahead and donate to gain this software.

I am just a beginner in game development. I did start online courses for game design, but I have no prior programming skills aside from being schooled in the Adobe Creative Suite and various music programs, aside from a little html from my previous website experience. Code is in fact quite foreign to me. And so these stand alone, point and click game making programs that I’ve picked up (RPG Maker and MMF2) are somewhat limited in the capability. These programs are more relegated to the old 2D styles of sprites and tilesets; But I see them as perfectly good place to start for someone like me. Additionally they are also open enough programs to administer the altering of code and script, and I will be sure to familiarize myself as much as I can with such options.

I am rather excited!

In completely unrelated news, I am at a different Starbucks and so I’ve made a variation on my usual Earl Grey tea-Aside from a little milk/creamer and Splenda, I requested and applied a couple packets of Honey. Not bad.

The weekend has finally come for me, and memories of this last weeks’ session in Green Hell is slowly fading away. Having said that, the odd hours of the graveyard shift is catching up with my body-I have not slept but 4 hours in the last two days. However, the excitement of recent events has kept my mind speeding along.

I have much information to cover before I decide to recover. 

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