Sponsor Cybergraphix Animation

Sponsor Cybergraphix Animation.

A fellow member of the Tex Murphy Mutant League (Matthew V.) has informed me of this start-up animation studio that he is associated with. They will be releasing original anime content in the near future distributed by FUNimation. They also do commissioned work from scripting to music to animation.

They need a few sponsors. Based on what I’ve seen they seem a promising group to back.

I don’t have much money, but I’ll throw in $10 to show my support.


Two connectors, one latch, and four screws-Pull out, push in, and re-apply.

My newegg purchased LG blu-ray drive ($35 on black friday) had arrived for my desktop! Works like a charm!

Finally got to view the special features disc from Prometheus. So much information!  



I am part of something called the Tex Murphy Mutant Leage. We are group of dedicated fans who have helped to drive funds for a Kickstarter project to resurrect 90s FMV and PC gaming icon, Tex Murphy in a whole new game, and bring to a close a cliffhanger that has kept us fans in suspense since 1998.

Without going into too much detail, in 1998 Microsoft bought out the company and development studio Access Software, the company behind the Tex Murphy Adventure game series. Instead of developing more games, Microsoft effectively dumped the franchise, and concentrated solely on Access Software’s other big IP, the Links Golf simulator series. Tex was gone, but to many of us Mutant League fans, he was not forgotten.

After so many years, the IP of Tex Murphy fell out of Microsoft’s ownership, and was bought back by it’s creators. For a few years the creators have pushed around ideas on having Tex Murphy make a modern day comeback, but of course money was an issue. Long story short, along came Kickstarter, and with it came us old fans, many of which are older and working professionals. With our money, and promotional savvy to get more money, Tex indeed is reborn.

I myself am one of the upper tier backers. I gave one thousand dollars to bring back Tex. Indeed I was affected by the character and storytelling of the Tex Murphy games during my high school days. The ultimate underdog, the ultimate anachronistic character-A 1940s P.I. whose one hundred years out of place.  I drew a lot out of Tex, the character-The wit, the morality, hell even some of the mannerisms.

And these days, I feel the core of that character parallels me even more.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been actively seeking a mechanical keyboard. After trying some out at the (not so) local Fry’s electronics I just fell in love with them. They seem so much more comfortable than the modern day membrane keyboards with their spongy feel. And the tactile feedback assures you the key has indeed been pressed. Of course such keyboards command a bit of a staggering price. Yet with my hands hurting so much from working at Green Hell (and even as I type up this blog), I definitely tried to justify the expense.

After much research into the specs, types of switches, the different manufacturers, and reviews (I could go on and on), I decided on a reasonably priced CM Storm Quickfire TK. I could have bought it that instant, but I decided not to, so I could potentially pay for gas, food, and insurance. I’ll wait and buy it hopefully during some after Christmas sale.

My cousin Melanie, is a believer of the Secret, tho not intentionally by that name. As in the Laws of Attraction she puts out to the universe the thoughts on whatever she desires. Whether it works or not in practice of course is speculation. Reading the book or watching the movie definitely does a good job of selling the Secret to you with examples of people who live by it.

Well, in terms of this keyboard. I thought, Oh what the hell.

I went ahead and wrote a Facebook post, stating my desire for that keyboard:


And minutes later….


I was indeed in complete shock.

Jen is a fellow Tex Murphy Mutant League fan and Kickstarter backer. I believe she’s one of the top tier backers who donated… far more money than I ever could have, and will even be featured in the game! Aside from being part of this excellent group of charitable fans, I really don’t know Jen personally. I know she is a hardcore Tex Murphy fan with quite a collection Tex related knick-knacks that I’m rather jealous of-Other than that, she is a complete stranger to me.

I don’t know if the Secret was truly at work here, but I know now how selfless a human being can be. When all this had finally sunk in, I was sobbing. I couldn’t believe someone would do such a thing for me. For me?! I am (as my subtitle says) no one in particular. And as I replied (in that second pic) I truly feel that I don’t deserve such luxuries- Especially from an almost complete stranger who probably does not, or did not bat an eye at my existence. I am just blown away by this. It’s miraculous to me.

Thank you so very much, Jen! This generosity will not be forgotten.

The next day, I decided to call my best friend, Jeff, and I had told him what had transpired and what has been happening-Everything I’ve covered in the last half dozen blog posts that I put up today- The outcome of my cousin’s spirit animal cards, the events at work, to gaining the game development tools, to a virtual stranger giving me the funds to purchase that keyboard-It is all linked and related to each other. I cried as I was talking to Jeff and realizing all this.

I truly believe this is all culminating into something good in my life. This is the start of a new voyage, a new chapter-Something that I must see through.

I have to live.

Holy…. I don’t believe I’ve ever said that before.