Yes, I am a gamer. More of a PC gamer than console gamer now really. That’s a whole other blog post in itself. Over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Steam (easily the largest hub or shop for PC gaming) had it’s usual sale. In that sale I was able to finally afford after many missed opportunities (through not having money at the time) RPG Maker VX Ace.

RPG Maker is a program whereupon living up to it’s namesake is a development program to create RPGs. It is based on JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) in the vein of the Final Fantasy style turn based battle systems. It is a long running program that’s been around for nearly 2 decades on various consoles and PCs. For the purpose of storytelling, I’ve always been attracted to it. It’s a sixty-dollar program, with optional upgrades (at a price), and I’ve patiently waited over a year to pick it up (again, because I keep on missing the sales). Finally I was able to afford it at the sales price of $18, and picked up a couple graphic tile upgrades-In total I spent some thirty-one dollars, where normally it would be around ninety dollars.

In any case, with this program, you can use the intergrated (or optional) graphic sets or make your own-Furthermore you can port your own sound or music. I am (modestly) versatile enough in that I can do both the graphics and music as well as the writing. I took classes in video game design, I am a certified audio technician with a bit of a music background-Hell, I’m also a singer, and have always been a vocal mimic. My strengths are indeed in writing and music, with a little background in drawing and design.

After fluffing myself to such an extent, the point is RPG Maker is a tool I believe I can make good use of. And after some practice, I plan to make good on that supposition.

I will endeavor to develop, to make a game, if not a series of games.

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