a word on (not much) greed

Checked out the seen at Best Buy a little while ago. They had it fenced off around a corner of the building, and a dozen or so people were outside the entrance queuing up. The first few people in line had a nice tent set up. I do wonder of those people, those hardcore deal shoppers, how many of them are actually shopping for gifts to others. I’ll take a wild guess and say zero. Likely they’ll be buying for themselves and/or getting decent enough deals to turn over on their eBay accounts for profit. In anycase, it’s not as crazy (so far) as I thought it would be.

Best Buy is opening at 6pm. I imagine it’ll be more exciting then. However I won’t be around to witness it.

Working tonight-Unloading cargo at green hell. I’m going to try and get some sleep instead.

I also don’t have much money to spend on the Black Friday greed. Truth is, I really don’t need anything for myself. There are some luxuries to be had, but nothing necessary.

On Tuesday, I was able to go with my brother back up to my old town, Paradise CA and do some visiting with my cousins. Unfortunately didn’t have the time to visit everyone in my grandfather’s family, which I really wanted to do. In any case, the few hours spent there was probably the best time I had in quite awhile. I really need to get up to Paradise more often-Eventually move back.

As for right now, I will soon be visiting my local family, on my father’s wife’s side for Thanksgiving Dinner. I am starting to feel more relaxed and comfortable around them, and look forward to hanging out with them on such events. This will be fun, and I know the food is always excellent!

I have more, much more to touch up on regarding my visit to Paradise, and also finally finding a use for that credit card.

Until then  …Happeh Turkeh Deh Everehbodeh!!!


My grandpa, a Zelda fanatic, would have loved this picture. Miss you, Gramp!