Well first of all, I just have to say that I’ve been blogging for about three months now, and it has been a very enlightening experience so far. Unlike previous attempts, I’ve been far more open with my thoughts. Being specific without being totally invasive to certain individuals privacy has been a challenge, but I believe so far that I’ve done a decent job of keeping such information private, meanwhile getting my points across. I used to have to go back and edit things thoroughly and adjust such facts appropriately-Lots of on-the-fly editing. For someone as detailed oriented as me, it has been good practice to be more loose, because I tend to just ramble…. As I’m doing now. …pfft.

Okay, so as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, it was my best friend, Jeff’s birthday. He’s less than 3 months younger than I, and I welcome him to age 35 (which I also call “half-dead–So goth!).

We’ve seen each other very little in these last few years. Aside from living hours away from each other, we’re both just generally busy and our calendars’ tend to conflict. In any case, we finally got to meet up last week.  If only for a few hours, which it was, it was indeed a nice relaxing getaway to hang out with my old friend-It was indeed like old times-Very joyful and care free.

Jeff also did something nice for me. He bought the Klipsch 5.1 gaming speakers that I let him borrow. He definitely didn’t have to do that. Eventually I probably would have just let him have them as I wasn’t in any immediate need of them. I am thankful he did. With that money I was motivated to fix my gaming desktop which has been effectively out of commission since I moved here to SSF.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, my blogging capability was rendered (more or less) immobile with my mother needing  a laptop for use in the Philippines.  My Asus G75 had become my main computer for over a year. It is a desktop replacement gaming laptop. I rarely took it out of the house basically because it’s bloody huge!  Was a big hassle to unplug all the peripherals from it and pack it up. That was the reason I resurrected that 10 year old laptop for my writing. Since it was now going away something had to replace it.

For a few days I did research on what could replace that old laptop for cheap when it suddenly dawned on me-I should just fix the gaming desktop, and perhaps find another/bigger carrying case or backpack for the G75.

(Here’s where it can get boring, so you might want to skip to the last couple or so paragraphs.)

First I had to diagnose what was wrong with the desktop.


AMD 8120 on a Asus m5a97 mobo. 8-12gigs of CORSAIR Dominators, GTX560-All encased in a NZXT Tempest box with a cheap Coonix PSU.

The problems were that it was randomly crashing. It had been stable just until after I moved to SSF. Sounded like a driver problem. So initially I tried numerous old Nvidia graphics drivers, or at least most of the current non-beta drivers I could find. Nothing worked. It always randomly crashed.

I had then thought it was crashing only when video was streaming from Youtube and Netflix and tried to adjust Chrome properly-Nope, it crashed even when standing idle. And that’s where I left it for over a year after much frustration.

Working where I work, in the situation that I’m in having gone bankrupt, no credit, no savings-It was quite inconceivable of me getting a new laptop or tablet. Reality is I would have to scrape together a bit to even get a hundred or two hundred dollar used laptop. Hell, I only bought the G75 because the Wizard of OZ slot machine was nice to me at Gold Country Casino one afternoon.

So when Jeff decided to buy my speakers, I was provided with choices. The logical and cheapest route was to fix the desktop, provided it would be a mere cheap fix.

So back at it I had to rediagnose what was wrong. This time I ran memtest on each of my ramsticks in each of the ram slots-I actually found one bad ram dimm. Unfortunately it’s way out of date for a return, but I figured that was the problem-I was wrong. Still crashed.

So I ran it down to two possible problems, the ones I dreaded-A failing PSU, or a failing mobo. ‘

Since this desktop was actually built by, with the PSU option I chose as generic, I figured I’d go ahead and get a good name brand PSU. After a little research, I chose to pick up the Corsair RM650-Of course it was sold out at the local computer shop. The next best/cheap thing was the Antec GS620 (I read the oem was actually the same as the Corsair so it should be reliable). That PSU was actually about the same price as what Jeff paid me. So I took it home and after a about 20 minutes of removing the old PSU and installing the new one, I powered it up, confident. Wrong again! Within about 5 minutes it crashed.

Oh crap! I figure the next step was to get a replacement motherboard. That would not only be annoying to have to actually rebuild, but also the headache of having to reactivate Windows for the new component. Meh.

As fate would have it, on the next startup, Nvidia prompted to update to the latest driver.

After a year, I figured what the hell?! maybe they’ll finally put out a stable driver for the old 560 that is already 2 generations old.

Surprisingly enough it worked. It feking worked! I bloody feking worked!!!

The only time it crashed was after hibernation, and that seems to be a line of code somewhere in the registry that I’ll have to look into editing-The immediate fix is basically to just never have it sleep or hibernate-No feking problem there.

So I then went through the tedious task of uninstalling the new PSU, and rewiring the old one that wasn’t faulty at all. I had to eat a 15% restocking fee when I returned the Antec-But it was worth it with the knowledge that this beast was alive once more. And the best part is that I am typing this blog up on my G75 here at Starbucks-And when I take it home, I don’t have to pull it out of the bag and rewire all everything to it.

All this progress is due to my best friend basically giving me a handout when he didn’t have to-When I know he needs to try and save every bit he can because his girlfriend and he will be getting a place together soon. Sometimes I wonder why I get to have people like him in my life-DO I really deserve this kind of attention? I don’t know, but I do appreciate it …Very very much!

Thank you, Jeff!

Because of you is truly mobile, and with this G75, it’s got serious horsepower!

2 thoughts on “mobilized

  1. You made the play-by-play of figuring out what was wrong with your computer sound pretty intense and almost suspenseful. XD I enjoyed the read. Plus we’re quite enjoying the speakers, they make watching Dora the Explorer and unicorn videos so much more amazing. Just kidding…or am I??

    1. LOL Thanks. I actually re-read that post in a sort of noir inner-voice monologue. You are strangely correct. Ha! And watch what you want …while I’m not around. 😉

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