Funny how things work out. After all the fuss of finally resurrecting that old laptop to proper working order, and realizing that I can sit anywhere and write-I now find my mother in the Philippines is need of a laptop herself. And so I decided to send it back to my sister (the original owner) who will bring it to our mother later this month. 

Here I am, at home writing this posting via the WordPress web based text editor as opposed to Word or OpenOffice-Usually I prefer to save each post as a hard copy. I am very happy to help my mother and my sister who would have probably spent a hundred or so on a similarly spec’d laptop locally. Yet at the same time, I’m a bit …depressed.

This morning, instead of doing my usual writing gig at Starbucks with that laptop, I spent the time getting it ready to ship. I know it’s silly to moan about such a petty thing. After all, that old laptop (despite the fix and ram upgrade) really is on its last legs of usefulness-But there was something compelling about using it in the way I had planned. A faithful old horse still able to ride-It could have been the instrument used to complete an assortment of writing projects-Such as my first novel, or screenplays; Other than just this blog. Yeah… it is a silly thought.

Well, I guess now I have other options now. 1) Save up to try and get that spiffy Asus Q200e 2) Get a replacement motherboard for my underused gaming desktop and start hauling the monster Asus G75 around. 3) Try and find another old and used laptop.

Replacing that motherboard seems to be the cheapest course of action. Altho ideally I would want to get a far more capable gaming motherboard instead. 


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