It works! The new laptop lcd inverter works! Not without its problems tho.

First off, it is not exactly the same as the stock inverter-It is perhaps a half centimeter longer, and so it’s a tight fit to get the bezel to snap back into  place.

Secondly, the inverter was packed rather poorly. As I used my scissors to cut the padded manila envelop open, I accidentally cut into the PC board and one of the connectors. Why the company decided to just toss in the inverter without any protection (other than the envelope) kind of confuses me. Fortunately I didn’t damage any of the leads.

So there we have it, a fully resurrected Compaq V2000/V2135US. About forty dollars total and a bunch of time spent. I am now fully mobile with my writing/blogging. Just have to be near a wifi connection in order to upload. I may add the option of wifi tethering through my phone.

Perhaps the best part is I now don’t have to worry about spending money on a new tablet or laptop. I may however upgrade to a speedier 7200rpm HDD over the stock 4200rpm;Also exploring the idea of an IDE Solid-State Drive, but I know they tend to not be friendly with Windows XP.

I am content for now.

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