technical difficulties

Technical difficulties over the last week and half or so have kept me from posting on here. In truth I was sort of experimenting with my almost decade old laptop here. Seeing if I could install and run Windows 7 optimally enough. Good news. It can. Bad news, the proper driver for the wifi doesn’t work/exist. So I ended up putting XP back on it. No big deal.

The other problem I was/am dealing with is the LCD screen. It does work. The backlight works fine… when plugged in via the power adapter. However running on (a brand new) battery alone renders the backlight inoperable. I can see the faintest of image, so I know it’s working, but seems there’s no power going to it. So, I took the screen bezel off the investigate the power inverter, and it’s plugged in as it should be. Still not quite sure, but I decided to go ahead and purchase a replacement inverter. It had cost less than six dollars, and I’ll be receiving that by the end of the week.

Hopefully it works out as I’m rather tired of having to be near a power source in order to use this laptop. Obviously it limits the portability. If it doesn’t work, I’ll either need to get a replacement screen, or I’m saving for a newer laptop altogether. I really want an Asus Q200e.

And so I’m back and let us get under way with more blog postings. I imagine there will be series of them going out today as I’ve had ideas in mind during this unfortunate break.   

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