owing up

My bankruptcy has finished processing. My debt of some twenty thousand dollars (much of it interest… I believe) is dismissed, done, gone, over, good-bye, au revoir, arrivederci, set course for Starbase omega, engage!

Can you tell that I am excited?

Well yes, I am relieved. What can be dismissed-IS. However there is still the matter of student loans. Et sic, I am not out of IT quite yet. Additionally, my father’s wife helped pay for the bankruptcy filing-Some six-hundred dollars, as did my sister at half that amount. I am slowly paying it all off now that I have a job. Knocked it down to five-hundred-forty (to my fathers wife) and am continually paying in sixty-dollar sums each month-Or at least attempting to.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t make much income at all at green hell. Need to remedy that some how.

What I definitely do not need to do is start thinking I have buying power again. I really don’t. Going bankrupt obviously affects ones credit history. I can apply for a credit card or a loan, but the interest would be sky high. Why do think I can attempt to finance a new tablet or laptop, even a cheap two-hundred or so dollar ones. Why am I spending time researching these possibilities when realistically I know I can’t afford an extra fifty-dollars-a-month payment.

Old habits are hard to break, I suppose. As a techie person, I want to keep up with advancing hardware. Yet after this bankruptcy fiasco, I know shouldn’t, and I know I can’t. There is no justification in trying to purchase newer and nice consumer conveniences. I just can’t. I simply can not go in-debt again-At least not anytime soon.

I almost took the plunge to purchase (via credit) a new two-hundred-fifty dollar or so android tablet. It was so immensely temping. Thankfully my best friend Jeff stepped in and told me it wasn’t a good idea, after I presented my situation to him. As I’ve said before, he is a good voice of reason to me.

And so that became the main reason as to why I was away from blogging on here-Trying to get this old laptop to work at optimum level through basic upgrades-In course nullifying the potential shoppers remorse. Haha!

I truly hate money, and I truly hate myself for wasting money which I did not truly have.

At least I know now that I can control my tendency to justify and follow through with a purchase. If anything, the bankruptcy has provided me with a good sense of monetary responsibility.






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