Happy Birthday, Old Friend

Today, I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to my best friend, Jeff.

Happy Bursting Out of the Uterus Day!

I met Jeff during highschool in Salinas. I first noticed him sketching out Vampire Hunter D during our freshman English class. He was surprised I knew who D was. I was a big anime fan. At that time anime was just starting to pic up from a very niche corner of the video store. In any case, from that sketch we hit it off.

There is much to thank Jeff for over these years. We had many weird adventures together. He is often the voice of reason through much of what I’ve been and am still going through and I’d rather not imagine what my life might have become without his presence.

Thank you, Jeff. Happy Birthday, my old friend!

And Hello to Ezzie, his girlfriend whom I also have grown to adore. Take care of each other.

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