ding dong

My current night/freight manager at green hell is soon to leave, moving back home to Portland, Oregon-Is also being transferred to a green hell distribution facility.

Now I’ve done my share of blogs on this manager, and have made known some problems I have had with that person and the job in general. At times it is all complete and utter rubbish.

That said, I know this person means well. At times they have a hard time controlling their emotion-At times it may well be justified. This person I might add has a rather intense case of obsessive compulsive disorder. While that neurosis may at times be advantageous to this type of work (stocking), it doesn’t venture to be acceptable in a management position in control of a group of individuals unwilling to adapt completely-At least that is what I have observed over these last two months.


Again, I know this person means well. There are times where they are quite enjoyable indeed. I do have this person to thank at the very least for teaching me the basics.

So I wish this person good luck in their transition and farewell.


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