ding dong

My current night/freight manager at green hell is soon to leave, moving back home to Portland, Oregon-Is also being transferred to a green hell distribution facility.

Now I’ve done my share of blogs on this manager, and have made known some problems I have had with that person and the job in general. At times it is all complete and utter rubbish.

That said, I know this person means well. At times they have a hard time controlling their emotion-At times it may well be justified. This person I might add has a rather intense case of obsessive compulsive disorder. While that neurosis may at times be advantageous to this type of work (stocking), it doesn’t venture to be acceptable in a management position in control of a group of individuals unwilling to adapt completely-At least that is what I have observed over these last two months.


Again, I know this person means well. There are times where they are quite enjoyable indeed. I do have this person to thank at the very least for teaching me the basics.

So I wish this person good luck in their transition and farewell.



annoyance – card payments

Something I really hate-

The amount of questions and requests you have to answer to make a card purchase in stores. 

  1. Enter/slide membership card

  2. Slide your payment card

  3. Credit/debit?

  4. Would you like to donate to whatever the fek?

  5. Would you like cash back?

  6. Is the amount correct?

And then finally you have to wait for the cashier to finalize the payment!

Sneckin’ hell! It’s almost like wasting your life away at a traffic light.

Woh! The convenience of not having to carry cash!

Perhaps I should return to cash handling.

Perhaps I’m just a moron for letting such a minor issue annoy me.


owing up

My bankruptcy has finished processing. My debt of some twenty thousand dollars (much of it interest… I believe) is dismissed, done, gone, over, good-bye, au revoir, arrivederci, set course for Starbase omega, engage!

Can you tell that I am excited?

Well yes, I am relieved. What can be dismissed-IS. However there is still the matter of student loans. Et sic, I am not out of IT quite yet. Additionally, my father’s wife helped pay for the bankruptcy filing-Some six-hundred dollars, as did my sister at half that amount. I am slowly paying it all off now that I have a job. Knocked it down to five-hundred-forty (to my fathers wife) and am continually paying in sixty-dollar sums each month-Or at least attempting to.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t make much income at all at green hell. Need to remedy that some how.

What I definitely do not need to do is start thinking I have buying power again. I really don’t. Going bankrupt obviously affects ones credit history. I can apply for a credit card or a loan, but the interest would be sky high. Why do think I can attempt to finance a new tablet or laptop, even a cheap two-hundred or so dollar ones. Why am I spending time researching these possibilities when realistically I know I can’t afford an extra fifty-dollars-a-month payment.

Old habits are hard to break, I suppose. As a techie person, I want to keep up with advancing hardware. Yet after this bankruptcy fiasco, I know shouldn’t, and I know I can’t. There is no justification in trying to purchase newer and nice consumer conveniences. I just can’t. I simply can not go in-debt again-At least not anytime soon.

I almost took the plunge to purchase (via credit) a new two-hundred-fifty dollar or so android tablet. It was so immensely temping. Thankfully my best friend Jeff stepped in and told me it wasn’t a good idea, after I presented my situation to him. As I’ve said before, he is a good voice of reason to me.

And so that became the main reason as to why I was away from blogging on here-Trying to get this old laptop to work at optimum level through basic upgrades-In course nullifying the potential shoppers remorse. Haha!

I truly hate money, and I truly hate myself for wasting money which I did not truly have.

At least I know now that I can control my tendency to justify and follow through with a purchase. If anything, the bankruptcy has provided me with a good sense of monetary responsibility.







Happy Birthday, Old Friend

Today, I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to my best friend, Jeff.

Happy Bursting Out of the Uterus Day!

I met Jeff during highschool in Salinas. I first noticed him sketching out Vampire Hunter D during our freshman English class. He was surprised I knew who D was. I was a big anime fan. At that time anime was just starting to pic up from a very niche corner of the video store. In any case, from that sketch we hit it off.

There is much to thank Jeff for over these years. We had many weird adventures together. He is often the voice of reason through much of what I’ve been and am still going through and I’d rather not imagine what my life might have become without his presence.

Thank you, Jeff. Happy Birthday, my old friend!

And Hello to Ezzie, his girlfriend whom I also have grown to adore. Take care of each other.


technical difficulties

Technical difficulties over the last week and half or so have kept me from posting on here. In truth I was sort of experimenting with my almost decade old laptop here. Seeing if I could install and run Windows 7 optimally enough. Good news. It can. Bad news, the proper driver for the wifi doesn’t work/exist. So I ended up putting XP back on it. No big deal.

The other problem I was/am dealing with is the LCD screen. It does work. The backlight works fine… when plugged in via the power adapter. However running on (a brand new) battery alone renders the backlight inoperable. I can see the faintest of image, so I know it’s working, but seems there’s no power going to it. So, I took the screen bezel off the investigate the power inverter, and it’s plugged in as it should be. Still not quite sure, but I decided to go ahead and purchase a replacement inverter. It had cost less than six dollars, and I’ll be receiving that by the end of the week.

Hopefully it works out as I’m rather tired of having to be near a power source in order to use this laptop. Obviously it limits the portability. If it doesn’t work, I’ll either need to get a replacement screen, or I’m saving for a newer laptop altogether. I really want an Asus Q200e.

And so I’m back and let us get under way with more blog postings. I imagine there will be series of them going out today as I’ve had ideas in mind during this unfortunate break.