human holiday 12/25/11

I think my cousin makes a lot of sense.

october is my monkey's paw

Christmas is not a Christian holiday; it’s a human holiday.

While I do not consider myself to be religious, I am spiritual, and I have a profound attachment to mortal miracles.  Whether Jesus is intended as our Savior or not, whether the bible is nonsnse or not, the fact remains that the Christmas story is one of hope and faith born in a climate of despair, poverty, and doubt.  The story of a frightened, confused, and physically uncomfortable mother-to-be.  The story of an ostracized, ridiculed, and impoverished father-to-be.  The story of simple people, and people of status, drawn together for a moment in the vast oceans of time–to facilitate the birth of one small, wrinkly, newborn naked baby boy; their belief and hope and will for what He would be superceded society, and rationality, and maybe even sanity.

I like to think the births of my children created such a…

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