Well ..sneck it all! I woke up late for work last night. Not sure if I slept through the alarm or didn’t adjust it appropriately. My current alarm is a Sony Xperia Play, no longer in use as a phone. In fact I bought it with a bad ESN. So… yeah.

Was supposed to be at work by 12am, but I awoke at 1:50am. I had gotten to sleep by 7-8pm, and supposedly set the alarm for 10pm as usual. So essentially, my internal clock kicked in as it usually does after 6 hours or so. Fek.

I threw some clothes on and got to green hell at 2:05am. Of course with the ladies blasting their Spanish radio station over the store PA, they didn’t hear me knocking at the entrance. It was about time for break, so about ten minutes later they finally noticed me knocking.

Surprisingly the night manager didn’t scold me as I was expecting. Point of fact there wasn’t much reference to it. I was told to get on what I was usually assigned to-And so I did. Everything went as normal. Since part of my section had been done, and since there wasn’t as much to stock (must have been a slow couple of sales days) I actually caught up.

By the end of the normal shift 4:30am (on Tuesdays & Fridays) everyone else went home; I was told to stay. Part of me really wanted go and take punishment by losing the work/pay (and well I still hate the job and wanted to get out of there). As it turned out, I was actually both surprised and impressed that the night manager kept me working.

Of course I still had to work it, and that I did. Finished off my sections and helped with a new section I had never done before. So I in effect got to try something new, which was nice, yet was also nerve racking.

The feckin’ glass section it was. I’m definitely not the most agile person in the world… far from it. I do weight lifting, and I have massive explosive power, but not as much endurance. I am also extremely clumsy, and the manager trusting me with a fragile substance like glass seemed like a gamble. My bit of OCD makes me overly careful, mix that with nervous clumsiness and you have a YouTube video waiting to happen.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the glass and plates were done without incident. Phew…

At the end of the shift I tried to apologize again for being late. The manager said not to worry-It happens. They had the options to send me home the moment I arrived, or with the rest of the crew, but it worked out that my help was needed to catch the store up anyway. I was informed that if I had no-called/no-showed then I would have gotten a write up.

So I guess I’m still employed. Situation normal.

Yet in the back of my mind, I really do wish I was let go.

I suppose I should go purchase a proper alarm clock….

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