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Even before the whole “goth” thing, I’ve always had a weird fixation with Elvira–Gee, I wonder what it could be?! 😉

Seriosuly tho, I’ve always found Elvira entertaining. I enjoy that dry sort of puntastic humor-Hers being with a horror theme. (Additionally I do dig the opening music act here. Excellent use of vocoder).

This is recent footage of a series of shows she’s performing at Knott’s Berry Farm for this Halloween season. The actress who portrays Elvira, Cassandra Peterson is age 62! Elvira is still running strong after 30 years. I find that very impressive, I suppose in comparison to Victor Borge, my favorite entertainer, who actually performed regularly up until his passing in 2000 at the age of 91. (Yes, I just compared Elvira to Victor Borge! What are you gonna do about it?)

Long live the Queen of Halloween, and my immense respects to the Greatest Entertainer Who Ever Lived!



actinic lights and plants? – APE – Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts | A Planted Aquarium Community

Waiting (im)patiently for payday to buy a proper light for my 20 gallon-high aquarium. Did some research on what bulbs/fixture to get and ran across this passage on a forum.

Makes sense to me.

Think about it this way – reef guys use actinics to simulate deepwater light wavelengths to stimulate coral growth in corals that tend to be deeper down in the water column.

Most aquatic plants grow in shallow lakes, rivers, and streams. There isn’t enough water to filter out the reds, so they are using full spectrum… when you get deeper down, plants disappear.. why do you think this is?

via actinic lights and plants? – APE – Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts | A Planted Aquarium Community.