Y’know, maybe I’ll start adapting getdador! similarly to the 2000 A.D Prog-Instead of multiple different titles debuting new issues monthly, the stories are condensed to bite sized chapters weekly in a single issue. So instead of me just writing on the same subject day after day, I’ll cover it week after week with smaller posts. I realize sometimes I can ramble for days, and I know everyone has other things to do than read said ramblings.

I’ll try it.

Now I have to devise a schedule-And in fact subject matters to cover. I have the jobs series of stories, I have written on more current matters in my life. I also have a couple of novel sized stories and some short stories that I can preview. There are many possibilities.

Definitely need to learn how to manipulate WordPress better. Haven’t quite figured out how to do multiple pages/tabs and I really should (and hope it doesn’t cost anything more). I do like the infinite page scroll feature on my current piano black theme, but that is definitely suited to blog only posts, whereas I think I need to expand a bit.

I am actually sitting and typing this at a Carl’s Jr. that is located in the same lot as the Starbucks I usually write at. Was hungry. Unfortunately there is no internet connection here. And I’m far too poor to afford making my phone mifi capable. So I suppose I’ll save this now, and head over to Starbucks to upload. And then I’ll spend some time tinkering and researching WordPress as I have the next couple nights off from my green hell.

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