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one of those days

It may be cliché, or perhaps passé to say this, but I just had one of those days when everything that can go wrong did indeed go wrong …at work.

The last post via my phone talked of my not getting paid until next week which of course is terrible-However my performance tonight as a stocker was utterly sad, or laughable even.

I’m in charge of stocking chemicals (detergents etc.). Well, training to be in charge anyway. This morning, I just did everything wrong. I brought out the wrong palette to be upstocked, essentially doing my managers portion of work for her, and doing it somewhat wrong. I tried to mimic what was on display, but she had other plans for those spaces. For a brief moment she actually posed similarly to Edvard Munch’s The Scream after seeing what I had done.

Furthermore, I was a clumsy oaf (See what I did there? Keeping it Norwegian.). I opened a box filled with several packs of powdered laundry soap. One of those packs was somehow opened during shipment and proceeded to spill white powder all over the place. I quickly put it back in the box, grabbed a broom and swept it all up. Then I returned to upstocking that box, and (not paying attention) I picked up that same pack and spilled even more soap.

A little later, I grabbed a box of canned bleach, and did note that one of the cans was damaged and opened. The cans were wrapped in plastic to stabilize for movement and stacking, so I thought nothing of it. I then placed the pack down over a smaller box to unload it, and as I started stocking the cans on the shelf, the weight became unbalanced. The pack fell over and of course the open canned spilled out.

And finally, the absolute pinnacle of my clumsy morning-As I was guiding a palette back to the stockroom, I knocked over a sales display of glowsticks. By then the store manager arrived for the day and saw it happen. He joked that he knew it was going to happen, some customer would likely knock it over due to it’s placement by the stockroom door. Only it was I who got to accidently hit it first. Of course I was felt truly embarrassed.

Yep. It was just one of those days. The only thing I felt good about yesterday was my extensive blog, jobs part 2, which I posted after spending several hours at Starbucks typing it up on my modded Kindle Fire with a (fekin small) usb tablet keyboard. I had fun writing that

So that was my awful morning at work. And now I shall take a nap, and wait for my half-brother to summon me to help him move more of (mostly his girlfriend’s) stuff into storage.

I was hoping to get around to writing up jobs part 3 today, but I may not be able to get to it.

In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to check out a movie I enjoy.

Have a nice day, everyone.


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