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Since I’m rambling on about my current job, I suppose I should talk about some past jobs.

Some of my earliest memories are with my grandparents who ran a small Greyhound Bus depot in Burlingame, CA. Gramp Jerry basically ran the whole thing. My grandmother would step in to help sell bus tickets when my grandfather was doing other things like baggage or deliveries. Yes, he did the deliveries too, usually at lunch.

As a kindergartner and of and on thru grade school, I was basically just a nuisance, getting in their way. I did try to help load boxes onto the buses tho. The bus drivers always thought that was cute. In any case, that was unofficially my first job-The bus depot brat.

I had a friend named, Danny through grade school. Looking back on those days, I come to realize that aside from being sporty and highly competitive, he was also manipulative and enterprising. Whenever our school  did fund raisers like selling chocolate bars, he got the idea that we are going to double the price and pocket what need not be reported. We would spend our profits on G.I. Joes and other action figures and toys. Ha! Tho it was not really a job, money was gained. Danny grew up and became something good. I really don’t know what, but I see his posts on facebook ever so often. He’s got a home, beautiful wife and child, still athletic.

Fans of Metal Gear might appreciate that in the summer of 1988, Danny and I spent weekends cutting lawns up and down our neighborhood with old rolling-push mower for $3 a property. Should have been $3 a yard, now that I think about it. Also I cleaned then hell out of my grandparents swimming pool. By the end of the summer Gramp took me to the BX at Moffett Field and I bought Metal Gear for the NES! Unlike other friends, I only had maybe 6 NES games. So to me earning Metal Gear was a big deal.

Years later, in my early teens in Gilroy, CA, I did actually help my grandparents sell tickets, and perform other jobs at the Gilroy Greyhound depot-All under the table of course. My grandparents paid me after so long with a Super Nintendo, and I kept working to get Mario Paint. I didn’t really like the visual aspect of Mario Paint, but I did dig the musical production portion. Getting sidetracked again. Ahem…

In Junior year at (Salinas High), my best friend (to this day), Jeff got me some random job fixing a computer at State farm for his stepmother. At least that I think that was what it was. Didn’t last an hour. Basically I freed up some memory on Mac so it would function faster. The weird odd thing was, I was/am a PC guy. Figuring out a Mac is what took most of the time. And there were other random PC fix it jobs for friends and family.

I really wish I stuck to more computer work. My friend, Lee, and his cousins, we were all PC gamers in the early-mid 90s. (I supplied a lot of those games illegally taken/traded from usenet groups and AOL filesharing rooms.) Well, I used to try and help them figure out how to configure DOS to run these, being that we all had various system builds as PCs do. From that some of them moved on to big companies, like AMD, and Yahoo. They’re rich, happy, nice families, nice homes, great kids. And here I am-Starting over again with maybe $30 in my bank account, working odd hours at Dollar Tree. I almost want to cry.

…but I wanted a more creative work outlet, and music was it. In highschool my much of that computer and video game related attraction was obscenely diverted to the gothic rock music scene.

and– I fell asleep. Curse you, graveyard shift!

Jobs part 2 will continue later tonight or tomorrow.

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