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Just a quick note. Nothing major to report on recent events. I am however really tired. Will eventually adapt to the graveyard schedule …hopefully.

Trying to work out a schedule that is similar to the typical day shift. Sleep by 2pm-4pm, wake up by 10pm, at work by 12am. However yesterday (at 4pm) the process was interrupted by my cousin bringing over his son’s laptop for me to fix. It was slowing down-Typical malware symptoms. Figured it would take a couple hours at the most. 5:15pm (today) I’m still working on it.

The infestation of trojans and adware on this kids laptop was alarming. My net habits aren’t very broad. I can get away without running malwarebytes for 6 months and even then I’ll get maybe a dozen “malicious” files. After terminating all the pop-ups and actually dumping the malwarebytes installer onto an sd card from my box, the program initially found 5,653 malicious files! That’s incredible!

So I finally got to sleep around midnight. And my body was still a wreck when I got up at 10am this morning. And now I’m waiting for my brother who needs a little more help moving things out of his old house tonight.

I love my family. Happy to help anytime; However my relationship with sleep is in big trouble.

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