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That was a rather long first post. Apologies. I’ll keep this one a little shorter.

I suppose I should briefly tackle the name of this site. I had been planning to write a hosted blog for quite awhile now – What has held me back in part was the name. Of course the name has to be catchy and most of all memorable.r3set_txtb


I had called my first personal site At the time it was relevant to me because 1) It was video game related and that was/is the industry I wanted to be apart of. 2) I had an idea of a video game company called r3s which stood for “r3sist. r3sonate. r3solve.” And the et actually stood for “entertainment” -sic – r3s entertainment company. Even earlier than, I had, but the host I rented it from went defunct about 5 days after I started it. Additionally there were prototype sites that were called r3sonate and r3volt. 3) Finally, to quote my old intro tag from 2008 “‘’ was named because that is what I am doing – Resetting myself, this life.”


Okay, okay – was also taken. And r3volt didn’t happen because of revision3. is hosted by WordPress, and I definitely didn’t want the “free” option of  (blah-blah)  So just like, I had to figure out what was not taken. After almost 20 years of the active web, what short/catchy name (particularly in English) was left untouched?

Furthermore, why am I doing this again? The first tries didn’t go over so well. What did I do wrong? Well that’s a whole other post, but in summary, I believe that I was trying too hard to entertain everyone. So I branched out into making videos and trying to do webcomics, music and other things to try and promote-All the while trying to make a living and pursue other “hobbies” like automobiles and aquarium fish. My grandfather and his failing health had also moved in with me at the height of all that. I’m not blaming him at all (I miss him very much)-I was just too damned ambitious and couldn’t balance the chaos and lost control. And finally lost interest.

I didn’t get it at the time. I didn’t realize that it was too much of a workload. I really needed a team to get things moving along, but I was too stubborn and wanted to do it all myself. I get it now. Looking back on all my old files, the blog, the game and movie reviews-I realize that at the core of was my writing. I write. I do not excel at writing, but I know I can resonate enough to perhaps draw some interest.

More importantly, I’m writing this blog for me as an outlet for my emotion and creativity which I feel needs to be explored once again. I do have a voice-Perhaps one that in the greater scheme of things doesn’t matter. At the very least it can be recorded and reviewed and reflected upon by myself, my friends and my family in the future.

TL;DR (sorry)

getdador! is a pun. It makes light of the pronunciation of my family name which is correctly pronounced as “duh-door.” So getdador! is sounded out similarly to “Get the door!” It’s kind of the old family joke – Ron gets Dador, Ron slams Dador etc.

Sounds simple, yes? Perhaps not.

I can’t recall a time when someone did not initially question how Dador was pronounced. I really can’t. This lead to discussion with my older half-brother who is a paralegal. Apparently both he and my sister (who works for NASA) simply let people assume our name is pronounced as Day-door. My older half-sister (who happens to be a television news reporter) I have heard is introduced as Dah-door.

And of course my little brother who is a very talented pre-popular musician is simply “Rex.”


Well then! I am here to make claim to “Duh-door!” Let that be known to all three of you who read this blog…

Finally, The get part in getdador! simply plays off of “Get Carter” (love both the original and remake). Of course the get is also used informally as “understand” – Understand Dador (me).

Now I probably could have went with, but I imagine the content may have been assumed to be …different.

So do you getdador! now?

One thought on “the name

  1. Yes I do now … and as you put it… Get Duh Door… it does portray you, or at least the you I know. For you are like that of a door, opening and closing and then opening once again for another adventure, or yet another page in the house of Ron. 😉 I like it.

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